What types of explainer video content is suitable for buyers

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When planning Animated video content for your marketing strategy, you should do it intelligently.

This means that you know what kind of Whiteboard Animated video content is suitable for your brand and your customers and when you use it to get the best results.

There are many types of Explainer video content, and it can be difficult to understand which are effective for your brand and which are not. The trick is to identify and understand your audience and what they really need.

You can do this by finding a clear path to your buyer’s journey and determining exactly what type of Explainer video content is best for each phase.

Remember that your Explainer video content must be interesting, compelling, and of the best quality to be successful. But it must also be delivered on time.

Let me show you how! First, let’s talk about the buyer’s journey.

What is the buyer’s journey?

The buyer’s journey is an active process that your customers go through to buy a product or service: from the moment a problem is identified to the final purchase.

It starts when your potential customers realize that they need it somehow (they have a problem or a question) and they start looking for answers.

As a marketer, our job is to accomplish the buyer’s journey by focusing on solving our buyer’s problems. By creating high-quality Explainer video content that is targeted to it;

They help the audience to recognize their difficulties

Introduce them to different solutions and teach them skills

And maintain them on the way to buying your product or service

But … why Explainer video?

Because Explainer video content in the future (and present!) Of online marketing.

Current statistics show that 90% of viewers say the video is helpful in making decisions, and even a minute of video says more than 1.8 million words! …

This phase is basically a point of expansion engagement. Now is the time for you to nurture your leads and build trust.

Explainer videos

What is an explainer video? This is a video that introduces your brand and product to your potential customers. In a few seconds, they need to know why they need you.

They don’t just explain ideas – they make them interesting and easy to understand. Animated commentary videos are great for simplifying a complex concept because they focus on the important things and provide light and fun to watch.

There are different types of explainer videos, such as:

Whiteboard animation videos

An animated whiteboard video tells the story using drawings on a whiteboard. It has three main elements: white background, solid black drawing, and a hand.

A great whiteboard video can be very entertaining. Let me show you an example!

Videos with motion graphics

Motion graphics are a great tool for synthesizing complex products or services. This is a more refined and elegant style for descriptive video, which also uses color graphics in an educational way.

Cartoon marketing videos

With the help of humor and high-quality animations Videos, cartoon marketing videos can help your customers understand your business idea. Are the best

Not only are they very attractive, but they also let your audience recognize your dynamic characters very quickly.

Product Explain videos

Product Explain videos are a great way to show your potential customers how great your products are and show them in action. It can be a live-action video, but it can also be a great animation Video. If your product is digital, you can use screencast videos. See this example:

Videos like

In a fun and entertaining way, videos are great for answering your customers’ questions. Use it as an opportunity to educate your audience and be a helpful resource for them.


Oh, the moment of truth! The decision phase is the moment when your potential customers ultimately make the actual purchase decision. You are ready to buy, but that raises the big question: will you buy from your brand?

In most cases, you will only miss one last push in the right direction (direction of your product!). You can do this by providing the right type of Whiteboard animated video content.

About your brand

Videos about us give you the opportunity to build trust in your potential customers, to tell them who you are, who your brand really is, and what its purpose is.

Definitions and case studies

Recognition Explainer videos and case studies help you connect your potential customers with the supporters of your brand and strengthen their trust in the product you offer.

Sometimes potential customers need confirmation from others before deciding to buy a product, and by definition, you give them exactly the same thing.

Remember that these Animated videos must be authentic: use real users to share real and valuable stories. If you want some examples, read our testimonials!

After the buyer’s trip: entertainment phase

We call the Delight phase an “unofficial” part of the trip, but it still has an important purpose. What happens after the sale?

If your customers have positive experiences with their purchase, they don’t have to believe so much to come back. But you still have to pay enough to get it back …

Explore Our Sample Videos

we’ve created thousands of different types of explainer videos for many companies  and help them skyrocket their sales and increase brand awareness. We can help you too, simply reach out to us today.

Our explainer video studios ensure perfect mind blowing videos that will keep your customers going WOW.

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How animated explainer video increase your sales

Professional development has grown from being an option to an absolute must for enhancing a company’s talent management. It currently sits among the top three non-financial motivators for employees. 76 percent of employees express the need for career growth opportunities. In fact, it’s so valuable to employees that forty percent of those who receive poor training leave their jobs within the first year.

According to Great Place to Work, employee development has been identified by 2014’s best 100 companies as ‘’a top area of focus.’’ The company’s CEO, China Gorman, thinks that, “As companies grow and the war for talent intensifies, it is increasingly important that training and development programs are not only competitive, but are also supporting the organization on its defined strategic path”. This support that is brought on by professional development promotes employee satisfaction. It leads to a positive environment where the well-being of employees is valued and catered to.

Employee training HR Explainer videos easily identify and highlight organizational goals. They allow for an engaging and smooth learning process. Whether it is to highlight best business practices or teach a specific skill set, videos are able to deliver the most effective method for retaining this information. In other words, HR Explainer videos elevate your training to a whole new level!

Ingreating videi is the key to capitalizing on employee training and development programs. After 72 hours, individuals can still recall around 10 percent of text they’ve read, 65 percent of an image they’ve seen, and a surprising 95 percent of a video they’ve watched. So, be sure that whether your goal is to help your employees improve their skill set, or enhance their overall performance, using HR Explainer videos to train employees allows them to maximize productivity.

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How can you benefit from using animated explainer videos

Every organization has its set of guidelines and core values that new hires should embody. Creating on-boarding videos instead of regular slideshows or documents allows employees to absorb the information effectively. These videos can, for example, break down the organization’s different divisions, its mission statement as well as its short-term and long-term goals. The same example applies to illustrative HR explainer videos that explain how company products work; teaching employees tips and tricks, and answering popular inquiries. Sometimes, customers face trouble with understanding a product’s functions, or how a specific service can be valuable. Employees, especially customer service representatives, need to be the leading experts for addressing customers’ concerns satisfactorily.

A creative way of integrating video could be to create video tutorials to demonstrate how to complete everyday admin tasks (i.e. scheduling appointments, submitting payroll), learning how to use a database, or accessing the backend of a company’s website. A lot of time and energy is required to acclimate new hires yet the importance of these tasks is often underrated. HR explainer videos are modern day textbooks, accessible at any hour and as many times as needed. According to a Forrester researcher, Philipp Karcher, “A growing number of content and collaboration professionals are interested in using webcasting and YouTube-like video portals internally for corporate communications and training.” This can be attributed to several reasons; cutting down costs, stimulating remote employee engagement, or providing a two-way communication that improves the magnitude of training goals and effectiveness.

Regardless of the avenue chosen, it is evident that integrating video within your company brings value not only to the employer but to the employees as well. Delivering information through video accelerates development of new hires, enhancing the overall quality of talent. Video delivery capitalizes on resources so efficiency can be maximized – translating to high profit growth.

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contact us for more details or checkout our packages for affordable prices. If you wanna know more about how we work, check out about us page for more details. 

We also have services like website design and SEO.

ou can count on us to get the best from the best whiteboard animation and explainer video studio, We cover everything from A to Z types of animated explainer videos.

whiteboard animation video agency

Whiteboard Video Maker That Drives Real Results

As a top custom whiteboard video maker, we understand that whiteboard videos are one of the most effective tools for delivering compelling content.. Use whiteboard video content to explain your business, promote your product or cause, and tell a captivating story. We’ve created hundreds of videos for businesses around the world creating engaging content that drives results. Request a free consultation or quotation for your next project. Whiteboard Video Examples Here are some custom whiteboard animation explainer video studio examples we’ve created for businesses and nonprofit organizations. All our whiteboard videos are custom made and unique only to your organization and the story you want to tell. City of Delta Eat The Eight Yukon Employees Union Testimonial created a great explainer video for us on short notice. He was extremely responsive and completely understood what we needed. We would definitely recommend Creamy Animation to anyone who’s looking for honest advice, precision and fast delivery. Audrey Davis Director, Strategic Initiatives | BDC Explainer Video Client Wistia video thumbnail Motion Graphics Whiteboard Videos and How They Work Whiteboard video production involves capturing hand drawn illustrations as they are hand drawn on a white board. It’s an intuitive way to convey your message with visual illustrations unfolding on screen. When done right, a whiteboard video is an effective way to create the best how-to-videos, product videos, and animated explainer videos for business. A company presentation video is typically your first step into the video marketing space. With whiteboard animation you can easily create a marketing video that grabs the attention of potential customers and increase conversion rates. Every great whiteboard video starts with a killer explainer video script. Use videoscribe style videos as a video marketing tool for your company. Whiteboard videos with hand drawn animation become an intuitive communication tool that helps businesses create high quality content that’s sharable on social media and other digital platforms. Whiteboard Videos and How Much They Cost So how much does a custom whiteboard animation video cost? Well, the production costs for making a whiteboard animation depends on several variables. The most common things we consider are the complexity of the story we’re telling and the quality of visuals we’re creating, which could be either be simple or more realistic looking. Another important factor is the length of your video, which adds to the time it takes to produce the animation. Our hand drawn whiteboard video cost structure is pretty simple. Our cheap whiteboard animation starts from $2K if you’re looking for a simple but affordable. Take a look at our explainer video cost page for more on our production cost guidelines. Whiteboard Video Maker As a custom whiteboard video maker, we understand that professionals in the Medical industry are beginning to realize that healthcare video production plays a critical role in helping people navigate the industry’s complex system. Many other industries including fortune 500 companies use whiteboard animation to make presentation videos and other marketing video content. The typical whiteboard video company uses a static hand to simulate hand drawing on a whiteboard. This custom whiteboard animation style is the most efficient production style. This whiteboard video production style was made popular by UK based organization, RSA, that was looking for a unique method to share world-changing ideas. One method you can use to make a custom whiteboard video is to film an illustrator drawing images in real time. Another way is to draw the illustrations then animate them. The later method is more effective because you have greater control and can manipulate the way the images appear on the white board with greater precision. In a nutshell, this is our short tutorial on how you make a whiteboard video. If you’re looking for a superior way to tell a compelling story about your business or product, we’re ready to listen and work with you to tell that story with video. We’re one of the top whiteboard video creators in in the industry, creating awesome video content that captivates your audience and delivers a compelling message, clearly and effectively. Whiteboard Videos – The Benefits We believe every business should make whiteboard video marketing a part of their overall marketing strategy. If you’re planning to make an explainer video or whiteboard animation for your organization, here’s list of some of the ways you stand to benefit. Whiteboard Video Production Whiteboard Videos Engage Visitors 58% more information is retained when both the visual and auditory senses are engaged. That means people are more likely to remember what they see in a video than what they read text. Whiteboard Video Maker Whiteboard Videos Build Trust When you tell a story that viewers can relate to, you build trust and come across as knowledgeable in your industry. Marketing videos help you do just that. whiteboard videos Use Whiteboard Videos to Boost Conversions An engaging whiteboard animated video on your website can increase your conversions by more than 50%, because video can convey your value proposition quickly and clearly, unlike ordinary text. Videoscribe Whiteboard Video Content Helps Increase Sales People don’t like buying what they don’t understand. Use whiteboard animated videos to convey your value proposition clearly and draw people closer to making a buying decision and boost your sales. Motion Graphics Whiteboard Video Animations for Business We make some of the best whiteboard explainer videos in the industry. Don’t just take our word for it, take look at our whiteboard style page. We use this whiteboard video production method because it allows greater innovation and helps us serve our customers better, faster, with excellent results. If you have a product or service that people have difficulty understanding, make a business explanation video. You can count on us to get the best from the best whiteboard animation and explainer video studio, We cover everything from A to Z types of animated explainer videos.

With their proven success in sharing ideas on just about anything, videoscribe videos have rapidly become a widely used tool. Businesses use whiteboard animation videos to explain what they do. Brands can use explainer videos to show how their product works. We’ve created explainer videos that have helped organizations from different industries harness the power of video marketing. If you have a product, service or idea that’s hard to explain, video scribe animation will do the job. The use of marketing whiteboard videos help businesses builds high quality content that grabs the attention of website visitors and improves conversions. Find out other animation styles like motion graphics, cartoon animation, we make on our styles page. Websites that use product videos provide better customer experience, with the visitor more likely to buy after watching their video. Check out some of our other services. Need a customized whiteboard video maker that creates result focused videos? request a consultation.

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Training Animation Videos

A quick introduction to Training Videos

A training video is a video solution that aims to educate the viewers or audience. These videos can range from serious business to subtle entertainment. Video is a perfect medium for learning or training. It’s inspiring, hands-on and at the same time, persuasive. Businesses use video content not only to educate but more importantly, to drive real organisational change. Take a look at the project we completed with Truata, we created a bespoke internal values video to portray the organisational culture for new hires in the Dublin office.

Types of training videos from amazingvideoadz.com

Sales videos Sales training videos are effective for learning new skills, developing your talent or expertise, and finding some good inspiration. Sales can be less difficult and exhausting if you use powerful training videos. Sometimes, if you are not that great in speaking but you are creative in your videos, you can use that to get the attention of your audience and make your video fun.

Sports videos Athletes and sports enthusiasts can use training videos in their events and their activities. Videos is an effective way to highlight their hard work and diligence in what their doing. It can also motivate and inspire them to learn.

Corporate training videos Corporate business use videos to feature effective learning goals and integrate the orientation process for staff. These videos include orientation trainings on topics such as company culture, administrative procedures (computer logins, extensions, email setups, etc.) It aims to help staff or company members learn how to execute the basic and the complex tasks in the company, and to make sure that they are going to be productive, effective and efficient in their role or job.

How can training videos help you? Boosts your branding. Marketers use videos on their website to build trust with other professionals and businesses in their niche or industry. Not only will it help you boost engagement and drive traffic on your page, but also it can help you create more awareness in your brand. Plus, videos are shareable and easy to distribute anywhere. You can use it in emails, social media or landing page. Generates the interests of the audience. Regardless of the category of your audience, be as creative as you can with your training video. It has to be informative but also don’t forget to add some fun (not ridiculous fun). Use funky or upbeat music, live visuals or effects to make it more interesting. Those who use videos in their presentations gets more response and conversions. Useful in business such as creating mocking business scenarios or when demonstrating how to plan your objectives. For example, in the medical field, these professionals use training videos and simulation to help them prepare in real-life emergencies. Videos can also be immersive and interactive. Provides value to the customers. Through videos, you can create a solution and explain it clearly to your audience. You can help your customers or the audience make smart decisions. Don’t forget to make more emphasis on providing clear information about your brand, what are the benefits they can expect and why they should buy your product over your competitors.

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ou can count on us to get the best from the best whiteboard animation and explainer video studio, We cover everything from A to Z types of animated explainer videos.

What is a mobile app explainer video?

Hundreds, if not thousands, of mobile apps are being developed and launched everyday. And as apps are growing, so as the demand and increasing expectations of the users. Consumers are becoming smarter too. They look not just on the design, features or functionalities but most importantly, how it’s personalized or customized based on their experience. Marketing plays a significant role in monitoring the demographics, reach or engagement, analytics, geography, metrics, and even its competitors. Everyday, mobile app developers have to keep users, retain them and engage with them by providing fresh updates or new features, etc.
Research shows that 40% of the people download or buy the mobile app if they are allured by the contents of the video. We love watching social media stories, live videos and it’s becoming popular in comparison to other traditional marketing strategies. Put together cool animation from Animation Explainers with upbeat music, familiar narration voice plus an emotional script (or maybe not emotional) but should be very persuasive. That’s what makes these awesome animated explainer videos and it’s proven to be a very effective strategy. Our mobile app explainer video company aims to motivate the users to download the app. Its optimal length is at least 60 to 90 seconds. It is a highly engaging and a fun way of telling your customers about your mobile app, its key features, functions, interface, advantages, and benefits. As a result, you increase your brand exposure, reach or engagement and conversions. Apps are built for many purposes but mainly it’s objective is to further entertain or simply to educate its users.

Why mobile app explainer videos company work?

Consumers use mobile apps daily to be entertained, to learn something or maybe just to connect with their friends and to the world. It aims to provide seamless connection and interaction to its users. For businesses, they use it to make their processes a lot easier. There are also apps built to simplify their tasks and boost their productivity and team performance. However, know also that the mobile apps market and industry is huge so as the number of competitors. For example, there are apps built as a tool to make payroll processes more efficient. For whatever purpose different mobile apps may have been built for, its common objective is to deliver convenience and maximum efficiency, be it for professionals, organizations or any individuals. Everyday, there are new innovations in the market and as mobile app developer, you have to keep developing and upgrading not just the features or functions of your apps but most importantly, make the consumers realize why they should keep using your mobile app(for those who are already using it) or encourage others to start using it. Some of the mobile app developers invest on famous celebs, stars and influencers, websites or social media to do the advertising and marketing for them which still works though. However, more marketers have seen explainer videos as a more effective and interactive way to establish a stronger reach or impression on the mobile apps marketplace.

Benefits of a Mobile App Explainer

It’s way shorter, direct and on point, but also interesting and meaningful. Consumers nowadays have shorter attention span, especially the millenials and Z-Gen generation. We don’t want to spend half of the hour just reading the benefits of your mobile app, or listen to a dull podcast discussing about how great your app is. That’s exactly the best thing about explainer videos. We combine many elements into one format – script, images/graphics, videos, gifs, voice, music. Boom! What more could you ask for? You can even set variety of pitch or mood of the explainer videos depending on which is more appropriate to the behavior of your target audience. Appealing visualization is sometimes the key to a good sell. You can highlight important details or cool things about your mobile app or product. You can create a short demo on how to use your product. Or maybe you want to put more emphasis on its usefulness or benefits to your target audience. Whatever it is, animated explainer videos brings life to your endless imagination. And our team at Animation Explainers is the best team to help you carry out the process.
Why Choose the Animation Explainers? Animation Explainers prides itself in continuously providing quality results, good turnaround and overall efficiency in our services. We love collaborating and co-creating with individuals, professionals and businesses in bringing creative ideas through explainer videos wherever you are. Our team is composed of talented individuals who understands professionalism, and we make sure that it is seen in all our works. From conceptualisation to rendering the creative output, we simplify the task for you so you can have more time, lots of fun and most importantly, you can concentrate more on other needs of your business. If you’re ready to talk to us about your needs, we are available 24/7 from Monday to Friday. We will reply to your queries and needs as quickly as possible. You may reach out our team through Skype or LinkedIn daily and reach one of us. Whether small niche or mainstream, we love collaboration and we have worked globally with different individuals and organizations from around the UK, US and Asia. Depending on the length of the video or its complexity, an average project can take 2 to 3 weeks to make. We also consider the demands of clients and specific needs of the project and work through it at the fastest way we possibly could. We don’t compromise value and cost here. We make sure that we pay you back with best results and utmost satisfaction. For the pricing details and complete package, you may call our creative director, Dylan Healy. He will be doing a complete assessment of the project needs, your ideas and expectations and we’ll figure out the best solution for you.
Animation Explainers is based in Dublin, Ireland but we have worked with clients from anywhere across the world. Our creative team directors, Dylan and Aaron are very passionate in helping everyone with the creative process of making explainer videos. They are both resourceful and busy in overseeing the business strategy of the company and the efficiency of their works. Aaron Connolly’s passion for marketing trends, technology and efficient processes is shown in making sure that the whole video explainers runs smoothly for every client. Aaron always makes sure that clients expectations is delivered with ultimate satisfaction and seamless experience. Dylan, the in-house creative director, nurtures our relationships with clients on a daily basis to make sure every animated explainer video project runs on time and everyone is happy. He runs daily operation of the Animation Explainers team to ensure every work meets the quality standard and optimum expectations of the clients. Dylan Healy, Creative Director at Animation Explainers – “We create online videos for businesses working in areas like blockchain, biomed, fintech, medical devices, Forex – simplifying what can often be a confusing landscape for the average consumer online. Many organisations islandwide could seriously benefit from an explainer video.

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ou can count on us to get the best from the best whiteboard animation and explainer video studio, We cover everything from A to Z types of animated explainer videos.

Why Social Media Animation?

Social Media Animation is an engaging instrument that can help you tell your story more comprehensively and create a buzz around your brand and what you stand for.

Social Media & Video content. These are the biggest and most engaging tools in any marketer’s tool shed today. Video increases website traffic. Whilst social media is one of the most powerful methods of distributing your marketing content and reaching the people that stand by your brand values. There is an increasing shift towards video consumption across all the social platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin etc…. Due to this there is massively growing demand for video social networks are increasingly turning to visual media. 65% of people are visual learners, and 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, that’s why our animations are an engaging way to get your message across to your target market. Vision is our most dominant sense, taking up half of our brain’s resources and much of visual information is processed 60,000 faster than text is. No wonder so many people are turning to social media animation and Animation Explainers to get their message across! The majority of consumers worldwide prefer video content to reading content, downloading PDFs and sifting through endless infographics. At Animation Explainers, we feel that consumer preferences will lead to video explosion in content marketing over the next decade. We see that video is used more for converting and lead generation. We have worked with clients worldwide, from Taiwan, Utah, the Isle of Man even out in China! The language of animation is universal, so let Animation Explainers translate your message for you. Find our top five videos for Social Media Animation below. We stand out as an industry leader in terms of quality and turnaround time on every single project that comes out of our creative HQ.

Why should you work with Animation Explainers?

Our team at Animation Explainers continue to provide results for all of our clients around the world. We offer great turnaround times & overall efficiency in what we do. We understand you need professionalism in this process, and we make sure that it is seen in all our works. From writing the script to sound design and animation, we simplify the task for you so you can have more time, lots of fun in the process and most importantly, you can concentrate on more pressing needs of your business.

checkout more about whiteboard animation videos .

contact us for more details or checkout our packages for affordable prices. If you wanna know more about how we work, check out about us page for more details. 

We also have services like website design and SEO.

ou can count on us to get the best from the best whiteboard animation and explainer video studio, We cover everything from A to Z types of animated explainer videos.

Introduction to Animation Explainers Conference Videos

A conference video influences and inspire an audience to learn more and be creative. Our corporate businesses and organizations use this to campaign for events, workshops, career fairs, seminars and well, of course conferences. Conferences are not just a place where people wander around and meet other professionals in the industry, but it’s also a chance to share and promote your ideas or business. You can use our video content to make your conference and meeting more interesting and you can keep people invested. Some of the type of videos you can use during conferences and meetings are: project or trailer videos, introduction videos, demo videos and more. Animation Explainers have worked with different clients worldwide in various industries and market and in events, meetings and conferences. We take pride in our experience, ethics and knowledge about different industries. Are you ready to create your own conference video? Schedule us today and let’s talk!

Live action or animation: which works best for your business?

Video is classic marketing at its finest. But it still exists today. It has been developed and it has been a vital part of every content marketing or strategy. Two of the most commonly used videos are live action and animation. You might want to figure out which one is the right type of solution for your business. Regardless of its different features or process, it always has its pros and cons. Let’s compare both and start weighing. Live action has an entirely different process. From the word itself, it’s live which means it uses actual place, real persons or characters, props, etc. Because it uses real characters and scenes, it’s more authentic and credible. Consumers can mostly relate to live action videos or commercials because they can communicate with the characters in the video. It’s more human. However, it is expensive so it can hurt your budget. Not only you will need to hire actors to play the characters in the scene, but also you will pay the directors, writers and production team. Another disadvantage of this is that once the shoot is done, it’s difficult to edit the video. Say, you want to edit some parts of the scene. You can’t just redo all the scenes or start all over again. The editing part also is not easy. It can take 2 to 3 weeks to complete a live action video.
On the other hand, animation is perfect for product campaigns or abstract services. In comparison to live action, you don’t have to hire actors to play in the video. It uses animated characters and you can do anything to them. They can fly, swim or dance. Also, you don’t need to install more props and set up locations. Basically, it saves you more time, money and energy. It’s also used to explain difficult concepts that are difficult to demonstrate in live action such as scientific processes or theories.Depending on the length of the video and complexity of the project, it can also take much longer to finish creating the video. Both types of video content have their own strengths and weaknesses, depending on your needs, budget and other factors, you might need to consider the things we mentioned above when choosing the best for you and your business goals.

You need a conference video. Here’s why.

You need a conference video. Here’s why. Videos are innovative. It’s inspiring. It makes you think. It fires up and boost the confidence of the audience in learning the subject or course. More than bringing life to an idea, it also holds a lot of potential for more interaction, engagement and shares for creative businesses. Boost employee’s performance and sales. Not only videos can attract customers, but also it can boost your sales. When that happens, you become more productive and your team becomes more efficient. It’s a powerful and valuable sales tool. Adds sizzles to events and conferences. Videos work for events and conferences, both online and social media. It helps you to get your brand and product into the minds of your customers. Make clear, assertive points over videos. When an idea needs clarity or elaboration, videos are perfect medium to get your idea come across right to the audience. It can help explain your content clearly and at the same time, it engages your audience. Businesses who use marketing videos get more response.

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contact us for more details or checkout our packages for affordable prices. If you wanna know more about how we work, check out about us page for more details. 

We also have services like website design and SEO.

ou can count on us to get the best from the best whiteboard animation and explainer video studio, We cover everything from A to Z types of animated explainer videos.

Introduction to Animation Explainers Product Explainer Videos

A product explainer video shows instructions on how a specific product works, its features or details and the problems it can solve for you. Typically around 60-90 seconds short, it aims to explain the things you’d most likely want to know about the product and reasons why you should buy it. It helps the marketer bring the potential customers to the sales funnel. It can be used to explain how the product functions in the easiest way anybody can understand, or it can also be used as a campaign material for launching the product to the market

Types of marketing videos:

How to Videos The classic “how-to” video shows, well, how to use your products! If your product has many uses, there’s something specific or complicated features that is new or unique from other products, you can use animation videos. Use this video type as a how-to while also showing the cool features of your product. Not only you can use it as product pitch but also you are giving viewers additional value or something extra.
Installation Videos The “installation” video shows viewers how to install or setup your product. Whether it is a complex product installation or just a simple installation, it’s just easier to show via video than text and images. Make it look as easy and pain-free as possible for your viewers so they will have more confident in using your product.
Close-up Video This is just what it sounds like – a close-up look of your product! If you’re trying to promote a detailed product, animation can help you show its small details. Things like diamonds or anything with “excellent craftsmanship” are the best subjects for this type of video. Also, you can explain the materials and craftsmanship of the different parts you’re zooming in on while showing every feature or detail of your product on the video.

Why product explainer videos are effective?

It helps set expectations of the customers about the products. Most of the consumers now shop online and because they can’t see the product up close, they may have many questions. With an animation video, it can help them figure out what to expect about the product or how it looks like. More than highlighting its features, it brings your product to life. It’s difficult to tell your consumers how your product functions by only showing them a graphics or a lengthy manual copy which most of the time they won’t even bother to check out. Sometimes, it works but most of the time, it doesn’t. People loves and enjoys watching videos. It’s fun and engaging. It simplifies explaining how your powerful product works and its benefits. A good product explainer video can help your customers understand the processes using whatever environments, graphics or characters you could create. Creativity and imagination is limitless. And sometimes it creates the reality.

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Introduction to Animation Explainers Marketing Videos

Marketing videos are a type of video content which are used online which help customers know more about the product & services. They are an extremely effective strategy to boost your ecommerce sales, engagement and your brand overall. Digital marketing in this space is evolving at a breakneck speed and marketing videos through animation should be at the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy. The constant changes in search engine algorithms are gradually decreasing the importance of traditional SEO. So businesses willing to stay ahead of the game has to constantly look for new ways to promote themselves through marketing video content. At Animation Explainers we offer short, punchy animated video content starting at 30 seconds for as long as 2 to 3 minutes. It uses visuals, set design, effects, voiceover talent, animation, and motion graphics to create an effective marketing campaign that drives will drive organic traffic and make your brand stand out.

Why are marketing videos are effective?

It hyper engages your customers. If the video is engaging it should fire up the emotion of the customers. That’s why it’s very important to understand your target audience and how you will convince them to take action after watching your video, or at least be interested to watch your video. That’s why at Animation Explainers we always take time to understand the products and services we are explaining. It educates customers and increases retention and adoption rates. More than being creative, a marketing video has to be educational or informative. The best thing about marketing explainer videos is that it doesn’t just outwardly promote the product, it builds trust and connection with customers. Don’t just tell the audience what your product is and the cool things it can do, you can also share them or teach them how your product can help them, and make their tasks more efficient or convenient. That way, you are adding value to your customers and they will appreciate it. It can be distributed everywhere and anywhere. Decide where you are going to use the marketing video. If you are going to add it to landing page or a website, make sure it’s source or host is Youtube; and it should be optimized from keywords down to its meta tags for increased search visibility. Testimonials: What our clients say about us?

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We also have services like website design and SEO.

ou can count on us to get the best from the best whiteboard animation and explainer video studio, We cover everything from A to Z types of animated explainer videos.

Introduction to Animation Explainers Video Ads

Video ads are a type of video that promote products and services to reach a wider audience. Typically, a video ad can be as short as 30 to 60 seconds or even as long as 2 minutes. The quicker you can grab the attention of the customers, the better. Video ads can be used to engage your customers in different ways on Youtube, Instagram stories, emails, commercials, etc. It allows you to target audience and boost awareness of your brand. Here’s how to create & launch an awesome video ad: keep it short and personal, get to the point quickly, and pay attention to the context. This is how we roll at Animation Explainers! video ads image

The different types of video ads

There are different ways on how you can use video ads, depending on your niche or brand category or if you know where your audience are available.

Youtube videos Let’s be real here: you have never been online if you don’t know what Youtube is. It’s hot. It’s loud. And it offers a lot of variety from entertainment to educational videos, from tutorials on how to cook a perfect omelette. Also, that’s why marketers use this platform to place their ads and campaigns. It works and it’s very effective.
Facebook video ads With over millions of population, using video ads on Facebook is a no brainer. It’s the perfect opportunity to bring your business to Facebook. It has a huge market. If it’s done right, you’ll find out how powerful can your video ads become. We worked on a whole campaign with PumaPay in Cyprus focused on Facebook Ads and it was an outstanding success.
Instagram stories This is another way to reach and interact with your customers or audience and at the same time inspiring them to take action. Instagram also showed that one-third of the most viewed stories come from businesses, and one in five stories gets direct message from viewers.
Television Adverts It doesn’t matter whether on local or national broadcasting. Even though it’s the most classic way of doing adverts, many businesses still do it. TV ad campaigns or those that are featured in local cables still reaches wide audience; but take note also that the media marketplace is changing.
Screens At Events This refers to physical events like conferences, trade shows or exhibits through which you can use as a chance to feature your product and show them exactly how it works while people are coming in and out of the place and without you having to engage with them.
Email nurture sequence Using video ads for emails is excellent way in introducing and explaining your product simultaneously.

Why video ads are helpful for your business?

They boost customer engagement. Videos help inspire your customers about your product or service in the best way possible. It’s fun, creative and attention-getting. Make sure that it ties into your core product or service and will encourage your customers to get to the final stage of the funnel: purchasing decision. They capture attention early. The average view duration per video drops off at around 90 seconds or even as early as 30 seconds, so video ads are perfect to keep the audience’s attention span. It has to be short but interesting, target based and relevant. They help deliver messages clearly. Whether sound is off or on, the message of the brand is still clear. That’s a great video ad. It doesn’t rely on the sound alone or the visuals.

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We also have services like website design and SEO.

ou can count on us to get the best from the best whiteboard animation and explainer video studio, We cover everything from A to Z types of animated explainer videos.


Corporate Animated Videos: Our Top 8 Best Projects

Corporate video is generating a lot of buzz online. They are increasingly being used in sales pitches and conferences. More recently to hook that Linkedin connection you have been sending emails to for the past month! Explainer videos are being utilised by small SME’s too much larger companies. Animated videos are being used to drive engagement and to capture the imagination of clients and users worldwide. A well defined and quality corporate video can help your organisation to take its marketing strategy to the next level. Corporate explainer videos can help your business get your message across.

Without further ado, we are going to breakdown our top eight video projects that we have worked on in the last year. Below we explain the impacts and how they have helped each and every one of our clients around the world.

8: Truata’s Corporate training video project

This was the second project we worked on with Truata an award-winning cloud-based proprietary solution that anonymizes and analyses data. The GDPR has been a game changer in Europe. Similar laws are being implemented around the globe. These laws make it more challenging for companies to extract value from data while complying with regulations. As Truata are hiring at a very fast pace we were assigned to create a bespoke video around the company values bringing in new hires to the company ethics and overall goals. A strong brand is a very important part of an organisation’s overall makeup. The video aligns perfectly with Truata’s guidelines and shows how we can scale to your corporate goals.

Hystrix Medical’s Corporate Animated Video Project

Hystrix is a medical marketplace. It’s accessible to all manufacturers, importers, distributors and suppliers of medical products, implants and services. Along with hospitals, retirement homes and medical practices. Our team came up with a succinct 60 Second Animation. The Marketing team in Switzerland are utilising that video in event presentations around Europe and on their website landing page too. They will be embarking on a Sales & Marketing video project with us later on in the year. Take a look and see what you think.

Data Interconnect’s Corporate Animated Video Project

Data Interconnect is an ISO: 9001 accredited company. They are one of the UK’s most reliable and trusted privately-owned SaaS Order-to-Cash Automation vendors. We created an explainer video to better describe the Corrivo Invoice to Cash Automation and how this helps Credit Management teams to Collect Cash Faster. This was a big pain point for Carolyn and her team. We were able to cut down the jargon and complete a video that was easy to understand. This explainer video explains the whole product and service in under 60 Seconds.
Hibernia REIT’s Corporate Animated Explainer Video Project
We worked on a Health and Safety eco driven project with Hibernia Reit who are a Han Irish Real Estate Investment Trust. Hibernia Reit are listed on Euronext Dublin and the London Stock Exchange. They own and develop property and specialise in Dublin city centre offices. The explainer videos we created were spread around the many offices they have in Ireland. This project was aimed at Millennials who were not utilising the bins in the offices correctly. Take a look at our work and see what you think. hibernia reit logo transparent Client: Hibernia REIT Package & Vertical: Our 60 Second Software Video within the Housing & Real Estate space we. 

Truata’s Corporate Animated Video Project Two

truata logo Client: Truata Deliverables Our 60 Second Corporate Training Video within the GDPR Compliance space  truata process image 4: Truata’s Corporate Animated Video Project Two
Zero To Ten’s Corporate Animated Video Project Zero To Ten are a coaching and leadership organisation based in Utah, USA in the Management Consulting space. We had the pleasure of working with the Zero to Ten team to bring their branding to life. The brief was to help populate their brand new website with animated video content. Check out our number one Corporate Animated video project to the right:

Animation Explainers are the best providers of Corporate Animated Videos

The term “Corporate animation video” covers a really vast and large area of our overall production work at Animation Explainers HQ. Our team has worked with many different organisations. Companies across the globe in totally different cultures to come up with bespoke and timely corporate animation. Corporate Profile Videos, Sales & Marketing Project Management Videos, Training Videos, Health and Safety Instructions, Property Development Videos, Staff Induction Videos, Product and Event Launch Videos, Charity/Funding awareness Videos… we have worked on many different projects. At Animation Explainers we bring our vast experience and creativity to each corporate project. Our team make sure each and every video that we render out of our studio is of the highest quality. For all of our corporate clients around the globe. Our main goal and marker at Animation Explainers is to deliver unique engaging and powerful promotional and marketing productions to the highest industry standards. Our creative team headed up by Dylan Healy will help you to create the best corporate video and we can ensure our total commitment is the guarantee that your next project will exceed your expectations…. You’ll be coming back again and again for more awesome animation content

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contact us for more details or checkout our packages for affordable prices. If you wanna know more about how we work, check out about us page for more details. 

We also have services like website design and SEO.

ou can count on us to get the best from the best whiteboard animation and explainer video studio, We cover everything from A to Z types of animated explainer videos.

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