What is an introductory Explainer video?

A startup Explainer video is a short, animated video that delivers a business idea quickly, easily, and convincingly.

It combines simple language, catchy images, and catchy animations to quickly grab the viewer’s attention. It’s both informative and educational: in less than 90 seconds, it expresses how the company helps its customers solve their problems and explains why they solve it. Are the best providers on the market for?

What is an introductory Explainer video? Solution! Get to know the main functions of starter videos now

These short and compelling Explainer videos have become extremely popular over the years. Many savvy marketers are already using them to improve their marketing communications, and you should be part of the game. To learn more about this amazing tool, let’s look at its key features and attributes.

In short: Dynamic marketing Explainer videos usually last between 60 and 90 seconds. No more than that. They are very straight. Follow the suggestions for long Animated videos with dynamic explanations.

Simple: These Animation videos are known to be simple and concise. In the beginning, as in the middle, and therefore they followed the classic narrative structure at the beginning to get an integrated and understandable script:

Focus: Descriptive marketing Animated videos should always focus on a specific audience and their difficulties, the people who will see them, the people you want to relate to. This will be a strong testimony to your original proposal.

Animated Characters: Cute, funny, and interesting characters are the most notable features of these Animated videos. They help bring humor, emotions, and personality into the story.

Color: Animated videos are usually marked with the company’s color palette. It strengthens the brand identity and stimulates the brand identity.

killer benefits of creating a narrative Whiteboard Animated video

You may have seen many of these Animated videos on the Internet. But it really differs from understanding their essence and unique properties. That’s why we’re here. And to complete all of this information, we would like to share killer benefits in these Animated videos with you. Look here! This way you understand exactly how valuable they can be for your marketing strategy and ultimately for the entire business of your start-up.

Explain your company’s idea in just a few seconds: In these marketing Animated videos, you can tell your potential customers what you are doing, how your product can help them and them. Why should they choose you as their seller? All in less than nine seconds!

Gain the power of visual and verbal learning: explained marketing Animated videos contain visual and auditory senses that further improve your communication skills. Check out these 5 neuroscientific websites where you can request explanatory videos. This is how you can clarify our position.

More online visibility: An animated marketing video on your homepage encourages viewers to stay longer. Google and other search engines will appreciate this because they believe this content is relevant to these visitors. Therefore, they will rate your website better in their results. In addition, a video is your greatest chance to appear on YouTube, one of the most popular social networks and search engines on the Internet.

Create brand awareness: Adding colors to your brand’s palette in your video will strengthen your identity and make it easier for viewers to understand who is behind this sales offer. ۔

Encourage viewers to take action: Adding action to a call in your marketing video is really easy, and it can be a great way to get you where you want to go.

Promote conversions and sales: Embedding dynamic marketing Explainer videos above the fold on your homepage can increase the ions by an average of 20%. Very interesting, isn’t it?

Get Shareability: Videos can easily be shared on the web, especially on social media platforms. People love to have fun and informative video content and are very happy to share it with their colleagues. Get an advantage!

Reach mobile devices: Descriptive Explainer videos are 100% mobile friendly! And that’s really important, since mobile video views have grown dramatically in the past few years and will continue to do so in the years to come.

Integrate your descriptive Explainer video into your customer journey

In today’s business world, inbound marketing has become a very useful tool for any marketer. For this reason, we didn’t want to end this blog post without checking how you can incorporate early video into your inbound marketing strategy.

First, watch this short tutorial to get an overview of the concept of inbound marketing if you don’t know what it’s about:

In the Animated video, “Bound Marketing” and “Buyer’s Journey” (also known as “Sales Funnel”) come together. The prospect goes through various phases until he makes the final decision, the purchase. There are usually 3 main steps in this process:

At the stage of awakening, he knows the possibility of having a problem, but has not yet identified it. It has to be put in context. He is just being “trusted”.

In the consideration phase, it is likely that they have a compilation of information about different providers in the market and are able to solve the problem.

In the decision-making phase, the interested party now knows which solution is one of the best for his needs. He has a general list of all vendors and tries to keep them to a minimum until a final decision is made and his product is bought.

Sometimes it is difficult to know what type of Whiteboard Animated video content you can use, but the secret is knowing when to use each type of video. This is done by knowing your buyer’s journey like the back of your hand and identifying the content you are looking for at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

So do you know what a buyer’s trip is?

Understand your buyer’s journey

This is the process by which your customers understand that there is a problem by looking for products or services to solve the problem until the selected product is finally purchased.

During the buyer’s journey, your prospects have different needs. These requirements vary at the beginning, middle, and end of the trip. That is why there are specific names for each of these moments.

Your job as a marketer is to identify each stage of your buyer’s journey and the different needs of your customers so that you can deliver the video content you need at the right time.

But why should you use the Whiteboard Animation video?

Whiteboard Animation Video content: present and future of online marketing

If a picture costs a thousand words, a video costs a million.

Not really. An estimated minute of video says more than 1.8 million words. Did you also know that most executives prefer to watch videos rather than read text?

This is because introducing Explainer videos into your marketing strategy helps convert customers and increase engagement with your brand. This applies in particular to bowl marketing. Properly used video means that you attract visitors and buyers in an organic way.

Are we talking about it, should we?

Buyer trip: three stages

Awareness phase

The awareness phase is the first step on your buyer’s path.

This is where your buyer points out a problem he may have and is still conducting preliminary investigations.

At the moment, your main goal is to make a good first impression. You also need to be prepared for the answers you can find.

Commercial advertising

A commercial is something that shares the spirit of your brand with your managers.

If you use great storytelling (which means it’s a high-quality script and hey! We have a free eBook on it) you will achieve your goal of maximizing your chances.

As already mentioned, you have to give the best impression. I will show you how to do this using an example.

Instructional Explainer videos

Whether you teach the best way to replace a light bulb or show a descriptive Explainer video production process. Educational videos are a great way to focus on your potential.

Why? Because everyone likes to learn new things. And during the waking phase, your prospect searches for answers, try to identify their problems and investigate. Now it’s your job to give them the answers they need.

Instructional Animated videos are interesting and easy to share. And they can really have fun. One of the best ways to entertain them is to create an animated video.

The stage to consider

During the consideration phase, your potential customers are fully aware of their problems and are now actively looking for solutions.

Your future customers are considering some products or services that may be useful to them. And your job is to tell them that your product is exactly what they’re looking for.

Explain videos

An explainer video simplifies a complex concept and makes it interesting and easy to understand.

Basically, a commentary video introduces your brand and your product and shows your potential customers why they need you. And even better, everything in a matter of seconds: perfect for attracting the attention of your audience.

You can choose from a variety of descriptive Explainer videos. Let me show you the following:

Whiteboard animation videos:

Whiteboard videos tell stories with black drawings on a white background. Classically, it is a real person who draws on a real Wattboard. But now everything is more digital and cleaner.

It still has its three basic elements, a white background, a black drawing, and a drawing hand.

Advanced whiteboard videos are really engaging. Let me show you an example!

Cartoon marketing videos

Cartoon marketing videos use humor in a clever way, paired with good quality animation. They are amazing to make your business clear quickly and easily.

Motion graphics videos:

Motion graphics videos are a nifty method of interpreting videos. They use beautiful and colorful graphics in an educational way to describe a complex product or service.

Product videos

A product video is a great way to show how useful your product can be to your audience. Why? Because you show them in practice.

One of the classic ways to do this is to use the product to show a real person and introduce your audience to that person. However, this is not the only way.

You can use screencast videos to showcase the digital service. Or an animated video that highlights your video.

Videos like

There are videos on how to evaluate and solve your customers’ questions in a fun and entertaining way.

How to use videos as an opportunity to inform your audience.

Decision phase

The last step, the moment of truth. At the moment, your customers are deciding to buy. How can you convince them to take the last step in the right direction? (What is real to choose your product!)

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