Don’t use dynamic marketing Explainer videos until you read this

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Don't use dynamic marketing Explainer videos until you read this

In a matter of minutes, dynamic marketing Explainer videos will tell your audience what your product or service is about.

And they do it in a fun way. Not surprisingly, they are considered one of the most powerful resources in your marketing campaigns. We’re sure someone told you not to use them, don’t you think it’s a little suspicious? But of course it does! People who assure you that you only want to save these videos for yourself! I am ashamed of them! Not using them is a big mistake! Therefore, you must know the excellent marketing Explainer videos. So, let’s explain some facts that will shed some light on the greatness of animated videos!

People will use your content and spread it.

People have very clear preferences as to what their favorite option is when they use the content on the Internet: they like Whiteboard Animation videos. In fact, before dedicating themselves to reading anything, they will give you a lot. This number is staggering: 4 out of 5 people will watch a full video, compared to the number of people who decide to read the full blog post.

Today, when people see something they enjoy, they feel almost ready to share that emotion with the rest of the world. If you’ve made a great Animated video, it will spread like wildfire! According to recent reports, V can combine ideas, words, and images to generate 1,200% more actions! Three-quarters of users will share this video with their friends and family. In fact, only a very small percentage (about 33%) will react negatively by not sharing this video because it starts for commercial purposes.

Bottom line: If you have an amazing dynamic marketing Explainer video, viewers will use it, get to know your company, and share this information on each specific channel, especially those who have it. Yes, we will move to social networks. Your own people will organize your marketing campaign for you.

Regarding production costs, professional animation video is less expensive than a live-action video. There are many different resources for this type of video: actors, locations, filming, numerous teams; You also need to buy or rent goods, you must deal with post-production. In some cases, you even need to go into animation. In the end, all this requires a lot of money.

Without a doubt, this is one of our best-animated videos. Hubspot even considered it one of the best explanatory videos!

The animated videos are memorable, impressive, and charming!

In these crazy and fast times in which we live, the influence of animated videos is another force that remains in your memory. The chances of remembering something are much greater than remembering to read what you saw in the video. The reason for this has been in our minds since birth: they are capable of acting on an image 50,000 times faster than acting on an image. And if that wasn’t enough: Our brains can store this information more effectively than anything we’ve read in the past – the information retained in a 60-second video is worth nearly 200,000 written words!

Dynamic marketing Explainer videos can also be engaging, which means they can turn promotional content into something that forces people to engage in any kind of action. If people like it with their eyes, they will help your brand in any shape or form. If you really persuade, your audience will follow your lead and do what you tell them to do. They may not strictly follow your call to action, but they will do something good for your brand. You may not see these results right away, but you will see them in the near future.

As they show something interesting and engaging, the animated videos will help you bring your product into the hearts and minds of your viewers, a victory that will help you win the trust of your audience, which ultimately results in a much broader definition of your brand and more conversions and sales.

There’s a way to bring back memories from your audience: Work hard to create a compelling and compelling story told by good characters, so you can take advantage of the vast possibilities offered by the explanatory videos. This is how you can have an impact on your video, so you can save it in the hearts of your audience.

Google and YouTube love Animated videos too!

An animated marketing video can become a wishing tool for Google, the world’s largest search engine. By adding a very consistent description, writing an excellent title, and the exact tags, you can make your descriptive Explainer video very attractive to Google.

Keep this interesting fact in mind: A video posted on a website can attract 2-3 times more monthly visitors, which will double the cost spent on the site and increase organic traffic by 157%. Search engines exist. Source. In addition, the presence of video on a website will increase the average number of connected domains almost three times more than in text.

Videos can be turned into attractive elements for Google. One of the amazing benefits of having animated videos is that since they’ve released a series with entertaining and relevant characters tailored to the needs of their audience, ultimately all of this content is likely to be relevant. Able!

YouTube is represented by another relevant search engine and your video can be very attractive to it. YouTube will rank your video based on the number of monthly searches and other parameters. According to recent studies, one in four buyers has revealed that they go to YouTube to research a product they are buying. This explains another good fact: Over 75% of marketers wisely use keyword tagging on YouTube, generating some preprogrammed posts when people search for content.

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